Gardening and Comprehensive Consulting Services in Valldoreix and Sant Cugat
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We help you with the needs of your clients to make your day to day life easier.

We are aware that managing the properties of so many people is complex and each client requires special attention. At DESAVIA we try to facilitate this work by providing both our personal resources and an extensive network of contacts to satisfy any need. In addition to caring for the gardens, we make repairs to masonry or plumbing, walls, fences, water leaks, etc. All this from the maximum possible proximity and acting on your own behalf or on behalf of your company.

Contact is always made with our project manager directly from the Property Manager or, if preferred, from the community. A very close treatment.

At DESAVIA we are experts in taking care of the urban nature of your clients and in giving them options and advice for their needs, in their gardens, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Permanent garden maintenance.
  • Set-ups to prepare for the season.
  • Specific actions: pruning, irrigation system, felling, treatments.

This way your communities will always be up to date and prepared for the changing times and needs of their green spaces.

For those properties in the process of being sold or rented, where it is important to offer the future tenant a pleasant vision of where they are going to spend their intimate life, we offer you:

  • Permanent maintenance.
  • Arrangement for visits, quick and effective.
  • Plant decoration for photo shoot.
  • Specific actions: pruning, irrigation system, felling, treatments.

It is easier for the potential client to fall in love with your property if their eyes see a well-kept and beautiful garden.

Because it’s not all gardens, we also offer you the care of your clients’ pool.

  • Permanent maintenance.
  • Advice for machinery or filtration systems.

Easy and quick solutions for you and your clients.

  • Masonry arrangements on walls, floors, walls…
  • Water leaks in the garden or community areas.
  • Placing fences, heathers and more.
  • Painters.

A network of contacts at your disposal in a single call or email.

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