Gardening and Comprehensive Consulting Services in Valldoreix and Sant Cugat
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DESAVIA offers you a multitude of solutions in addition to gardening to meet your needs.

General services

DeSavia offers gardening services to individuals and private companies. We design the project, develop it and manage the actors involved, carry out maintenance and fine-tuning and recovery interventions. We work indoors and outdoors. We offer a guarantee on all our interventions and maintenance.

A visit from potential buyers? Make sure the garden or terrace is in good condition. A terrace with water marks due to poor irrigation can give a neglected image that is associated with the rest of the qualities. A neglected lawn or trees give a feeling of abandonment. An Express service can help you give it a polished touch with a smooth investment.

A party or event? Do not allow it to be affected by sudden irrigation, tall grass, low branches or blunt bushes. Ask us and in a visit we will put order.

A misconfigured programmer, a misdirected sprinkler, a puncture in a pipe, a solenoid valve that does not open, a depressurized expansion vessel, etc. An irrigation system can be simple or very complex. In both cases it is made up of parts, and failure in one of these elements can cause damage to the plants.

An impact on irrigation is an important incident that quickly becomes urgent. A garden without irrigation is a countdown.

If your irrigation system fails, let us know and we will go to carry out all the checks and solve it.

We have a team of certified and experienced professionals who can resolve any incident that your trees may suffer:
Diseases, dangerous displacement and inclinations, perforations in the trunk, twisting and breaking of branches, excess weight or dangerous nests, Palm trees with dry leaves, etc.

We carry out pruning and felling if necessary.

We make security improvements through certified dynamic and static anchors. Maintenance, training or aesthetic pruning. Always respecting the structure and nature of the tree.

Send us a message and some images on Whatsapp and we will respond to you immediately to evaluate it.

Rest areas: Armchairs, armchairs, sun loungers, tables, parasols and auxiliaries. Children’s areas: trampoline, sandboxes, swings and other games. Pergolas, platforms and fences. Decorative planters with integrated lighting. Lighting systems with twilight sensor and timed.

Plant elements, planters, irrigation and lighting system, urban garden, profile and fence coverage, platforms and pergolas. Transform a patio into your desired garden, a rooftop into a use area for neighbors, a terrace can be your refuge from the city or a common area for employees. You can recover the colors, smells and flavors in your environment. You can revalue a space by creating an area for rest, common use, enjoyment, meeting…

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Professional services